Art.1 ParticipationCategories
Rally-Raid is an individual or two persons team race. Riders shall declare if they participate in team or individually at the time of registration, they can change their decision to participate in team or individually only until 10 day before the race, after that date no change can be made. The categories are: under 40 men, over 40 men, women and couples. The race has to be considered a very demanding race inspired to the  Rally di Sardegna of motorcycle. The minimum age to participate is 16 years (parents’ authorization required for the minors).

Art.2 Image
Riders undertake not to show obscene, political and/or religious advertising or any other type of advertising that could be in conflict with the official race sponsors and/or with the organizers. Race leaders or those riders who win free participation in foreign races must wear the Rally di Sardegna  leader jersey, upon request of the organizers. Riders accept to grant their permission to use their images taken during the event. 

Art.3 Requirements 
Riders must show a valid licence for Competitive Sport issued by a national or international sport FederatiOnly MTB bicycles will be allowed to start the race. Bicycle parts can be replaced at any moments,  the whole bicycle  can be replaced in case of frame breaking after having given communication to the organization. 

Art.4 Stage Starts
Official stage start will be usually preceded by a briefing explaining all stage details.
Art.5 Starting order
At the end of each stage, a stage classification and an overall classification will be shown. The starting order of the following stage will be the reverse of the overall classification. Exceptions are possible. 

Art.6 Special stages 
Each stage can include one ore more special stages during the Rally- Raid, which can be consecutive or separated by transfer road sections.

Art.7 Furnishments
One or more furnishments points are provided along the stages, to supplement the food taken by each rider according to his/her personal needs.

Art.8 Itinerary
On each stage there will be one or more checkpoints. Hidden checkpoints are not excluded. Riders that are not detected when passing one or more checkpoints will receive the highest penalty foreseen.

Art.9 Safety provisions
Riders must wear a helmet during the entire race, they must also carry an emergency kit, which must include following compulsory items:(supplied or not by the Organizing Committee).
Whistle,Aluminium survival blanket, Rain-proof, windbreaker jacket.
 It was also compulsory the mobile phone that must be kept in a shock proof cover and must be carried all along the race. The mobile phone must be used by the riders to immediately inform the racing officials about any accident the rider notice or to be contacted by the racing officials. It must be used specially in case of withdrawal from the race, for whatever reason. Failure to inform the racing officials may cause  difficult and expensive search and rescue operations that will be charged to the rider.
Search and rescue operations will be planned and carried out by the Organizing Committee according to the situation. In case of injury the rider shall be rescued with proper means and taken to the nearest hospital where any obligations by the Organizing Committee cease.
In case of simple withdrawal the rider shall be sent to the collection points and driven to the base camp at the end of the stage. The recovery of the bike, if possible, and its transfer to the base camp shall be carried out with any means and with the greatest care, the Organizing Committee cannot be held responsible for any damages occurred. The recovered bike will only be returned to its owner.
In order to guarantee the emergency communications between participants and racing officials a deposit of 100 Euro required to each competitor. Should the participant not communicate to the racing officials in due time its withdrawal from the race then the deposit will not be refunded.
The officials shall check the mobile phone and the compulsory items both at the scrutineering and during the race.
Art.10 Accommodation
The competitors are not obliged to sleep at the base camp.  

Art. 11  Luggage
The organization grants the transfer of riders' luggage (30 kilos max including tent) to the base camps during the whole race; the organization assure the transport and the delivery to the base camp of the material of participants, that they will put in a numbered bag  and the organization will be not responsible; it can however not be held responsible for any damages occurred to fragile goods not properly packed and protected. Luggage shall be weighed the first day, exceeding luggage must be left in each own car. Riders must remove their tents and load them with their luggage on the luggage vehicle at least half an hour before the start of the first racer or when indicated by the Organizers during the stage briefing.
Riders delivering late their luggage will incur in the same penalties foreseen for delays on the stage target time. 

Art. 12 Riders obligations
Competitors and escorts are obliged to respect the environment. No littering or damage to the environment or any waste whatsoever (water bottles, packaging, bike spares, etc) left on the road and in the  locations of the stages will be tolerated. Riders are asked to follow the itinerary, to help other competitors, to inform the Organizer Committee using the cell phone in case of accident, to privilege sportsmanship  and fairness, and to conform to any Organizing Committee’s decision.
Riders must observe at all times during the race all traffic regulations in force. 

Art. 13 Route Reports
The routes will be marked with tapes

Art. 14 Times
To each rider for each stage will be assigned a starting time, a target time (theoretical riding time) and a maximum time (cut-off time)

Art.15 Penalties
Stage: 10 points for every minute of delay over the target time (theoretical riding time), i.e. the difference between the target time and the arrival recorded time. 

Special stage: 1 point for every second of delay over the best special stage time.

10.000 points will be charged for: exceeding the maximum time (cut-off time), failure to respect even one checkpoint, failure to wear the helmet, the schedule, lack of compulsory equipment or equipment out of order, violation of the safety rules, showing up at the start later than half an hour after the starting time.This penalty shall in some cases be reduced, upon decision of the Organising Committee, for example when, for safety reasons, cut-off gates will be introduced so that riders can reach the end of the stage by the fastest road. The racers must decide, according to the situation and to their physical condition whether or not to cross the cut-off gates.   
Specification: on departure from the base camp for a transfer section, the competitor may arrive later than his/her scheduled time (but not over half an hour later, otherwise he will not be allowed at the starting line), while for the start of the Special Stage, he/she can start when he wishes, without adding on any extra time, as it has always been.
Should the start from the base camp (or stage start) coincide with the start of the special stage the rider cannot use the above mentioned option and his/her Special Stage time will run as from the time of the official START (with the application of the penalties as envisaged for the Special Stages.). 

Art. 16 Penalties
Competitors who exceed 30,000 total penalty points and those who do not comply with article 12 of this regulation will be excluded from the competition (not receiving the finisher shirt).

In case of withdrawal, each participant agrees to immediately contact the race direction

Art.17 Prologue
The Rally-Raid will be preceded by a prologue that will determine the first classification and therefore the starting order of the first stage (duly corrected by any anomalies). The prologue in all respects will be considered a stage like the others to which a coefficient of merit can be assigned and will serve as a discriminator in case of a tie at the end of the race. In exceptional cases, at the insidacabile judgment of the organization, the 10,000 penalty points will be replaced by the penalty of the last classified to the Prologue.

Art.18 Modify route
The Organization reserves the right to modify the route, if necessary, for reasons of securuty. 

Art.19 Fairness
The Organization undertakes to offer the bikers a situation of equality and to consider all of them on the same level, also from a psychological point of view, making all necessary actions in order to level privileges deriving from being familiar with the race’s route, from the nearness to the family, or the assistance from unauthorised staff which is not part of the organisation (art. 12 - last paragraph). Biker’s personal assistance can assist only by the official assistance points indicated on the Road Book.
Art. 20 Protests
Any protest including evidence of the same must be submitted by the single participant in writing and signed to the race jury within half an hour after the posting of the order of arrival. A fixed deposit must accompany any protest before the protest will be considered. If the protest is not upheld the deposit shall not be refunded. The name of the claimant shall or not be disclosed. Deposit can be returned only if the protest is upheld. 

Art.21 Registration
The entries will close when the entrant list reaches the target number. The Organization reserves the right to refuse an entry without having to give reasons for such refusal. 

Art. 22 Prize-giving 
The prize giving ceremony will take place in the afternoon of the last stage. The prizes can be cumulative and they will be exclusively handed to the winners personally. Prizes in categories will only be paid if there are at least 3 racers in the category, otherwise the racers will participate only to the general classification. 

Art. 23 Miscellaneous
The organization of the Rally-Raid reserves the right to make changes and even substantial changes to this regulation, the route, the stage locations or the number of the same. Any changes to these regulations during the event will be made known to competitors during briefings and / or formalized by means of progressively numbered informative circulars and / or by entering on the Internet, and will form an integral part of the regulation.

Art. 24 Withdrawals before the race 
Refund policy: 80% of the entry fee shall be refunded in case of withdrawal submitted 30 days before the race, 50% 10 days before the race, no refund after that date. The date in which the withdrawal is submitted to the Organization is considered valid for the refund.  

Art. 25 External services
The technical assistance and the massage service will be carried out by an Organization's partner company according to common sales terms. Each competitor shall carefully check that any repairs or replacements are workmanlike performed. The Organisation cannot be held responsible for damages due to badly made repairs. 

Art. 26 Withdrawals
Riders that decide to withdraw or disqualified having reached 30.000 penalties can continue the race as bike tourist  or follow it  by his own car or a companion’s car. He is allowed to use all logistic services foreseen for the participants, except the time keeping and the emergency rescue in  case he rides outside the itinerary of the competition or in delay on the scheduled time (after the  rescue team that follows the last competitor). The competitor disqualified by the Panel of Stewards  of the meeting for infringements will have to abandon the raid. 

Art. 27 Race number plate
It is compulsory for competitors to display the race number-plate and other identifiers provided by the Organization in a complete, non-folded, unmodified, without additions.

Art. 28 Briefing
The briefing before each stage will be translated in english, and will supply all necessary information to find the route and other key information such as difficulties etc. regarding the following stage, if necessary with audiovisals.
The Organization shall not be held responsible for any accidents or damages incurred before, during and after the race and reserves the right to refuse any entry at its discretion. 

Art. 29 - Cancellation or postponement of the event
Should there be causes of force majeure such as to make it impossible to conduct the Rally, at the discretion of the Jury, the competition may be canceled at any time and the Organization of the Rally of Sardinia Bike will not be debit to the participants, except for the amounts of the registration fees paid.
In the event that the start of the Rally is postponed, the Organization of the Rally of Sardinia Bike must immediately notify each participant of the new date of the race.
If the competitors can not participate in the race due to this change of date, they will have at most eight days to request a refund of their registration fee by sending an email to In any case, the participants can not claim any compensation.
In case the departure of the Rally cannot take place for majeure force‘s reasons Rally di Sardegna Bike Organization will be liable to the competitors only for the amount of the entry fees.
Should the start of the Rally be delayed, Rally di Sardegna Bike Organization will immediately inform each participant of the new date of the Rally.
On their part, competitors who cannot take part in the event owing to this change of date, will have a maximum of eight full days to request, by mail to, the refund of the amount of the entry fees paid to Rally di Sardegna Bike Organization. In any case the participants cannot claim any indemnity.

Encl. “A” 


Normal luggage must weigh 30 kg. 

COMPULSORY ITEMS FOR THE RACE (they may be checked at any time during the race):
Crash helmet
Survival blanket
Mobile phone

2-3 bike pants
2-3 jersey
2-3 pairs of socks
glasses (googles/sunglasses)
canvas heat
protein bars and energetic drinks according to racer’s personal needs
first aid kit

 pullover or cotton
hicking footwear
long pants or jeans
warm hat 

 4-5 tubes
1-2 tyres
chain lube
spoke nipple span
puncture patch set
chain tool
2 spare flask

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